“Why Is It So Easy For Anger To Take Over The Mind!”

It is very easy to get angry over some of the simplest things. I find myself doing just that. It is very important to comprehend the state of the problem.  Analyze it, understand it and make the decision rather or not its worth engaging time and effort! This is the part of the day that we use doing non-important thinking! Wink


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Hello everyone! I started this blog because of the love that I have for communicating with others. I want this to be a place that I can share my words and my thoughts with others.
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4 Responses to “Why Is It So Easy For Anger To Take Over The Mind!”

  1. Fredricke Clayton says:

    Interestingly enough, I do the same thing at times. We are emotionally driven moreso than anything else. So now I work on taming my emotions so I react & respond from a wise standpoint, & that way I can reduce the fool that tries to come out of me. Thank you Boo!! (smile) We still gotta get together sometime soon!!

  2. Nicole says:

    It’s easy to let anger take over, because the definition of anger is:displeasure: a strong feeling of grievance and displeasure or to become or make greatly annoyed. Think about it, if you are experiencing displeasure at work, school or with someone you love on a daily basis imagine how quickly anger can build up. My take on it is get rid of all of the things and people that cause displeasure in your life………………………………………..
    ….I know this is easier said than done…………..I’m a living witness to that.

    • treenahall says:

      Very well said! And if that is the case you should exercise your rights not to include negative people in your life, but when it comes to your work place you must understand the nature of the beast that you are dealing with and make the situation work for you and not let that situation work you. Anger comes in all forms of life and every situation will be different, but there are some cases that we deal with that we can make the choice of controlling the outcome. That stand is strictly up to you! Good luck with yours.

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